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We Make Textile Circular

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ISPO Textrends Best Product Award

First fully circular t-shirt
made from a 100% corn

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The world's first circular textile

Textile industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, 20% water pollution and 4th highest consumption of primary resources.

At NIL Textile, we have created the world’s first fully circular textile solution, because we believe that circularity is the only answer to the complex challenges of the industry. We develop and manufacture innovative, ethical and sustainable textile materials, apply know-how in circular design, secure efficient returns of old textile items and  recycle them into a new products. We think about sustainability in every single step of our data based process.


At the end of life, 84% of textiles eventually end up in a landfill or incinerated. Such unwise use of limited resources of our planet is not sustainable and represents great risks. Both for the planet and business resilience. The solution is circularity. Thanks to circularity we keep our resources in a loop. Our solution generates no waste because we turn waste into a resource again.

We use a revolutionary technology of molecular recycling that doesn’t downgrade a quality of our materials and as such the process is infinite. Thanks to this we save up to:

CO2 emissions savings
Water savings
Waste savings

Innovation you can wear

Discover a portfolio of circular materials that are recycled and carefully crafted to be 100% recyclable into the same quality fibre. Infinitely.


NILPLA® is a circular polylactide (PLA), which is a bio-based material made from corn or sugar cane. PLA enters our production only at the beginning, then we keep it in a loop with revolutionary molecular recycling process.


NILCOTT® is a cotton as you know it, except not. Ours is 100% molecularly recyclable. Our Organic range originates 100% in Europe and our Recycled range is made from 50% post consumer recycled cotton in market unmached quality.


NILPET® is a circular polyester sourced from recycled polyester and packaging waste. It is 100% molecularly recyclable and suitable for sport applications..


CIRPAD® is circular polyamide made from car tire waste that is infinitely recyclable to the same quality fibre. CIRPAD® is also available with up to 15% elastic content.

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Designing the right solution for your business

Did you know that the Extended producer responsibility (EPR) will apply from 2025 in the EU? All manufacturers will have to ensure the recycling of their textile products or recycling tax will apply at disposal stage. Are you ready for this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We design a circular solutions for your textile products from clothing, home decor to technical applications. Contact us and make your products circular.


At our first meeting, we will discuss your requirements, show you samples of our circular materials and recommend the one suitable for your business.


We will design your product from our circular material including prints, embroidery and other finishes and adjust it to circular requirements. You can also choose from our white label collections.


We will make the first circular prototype of your product and fine-tune the last details together.


After approval of the prototype, we start the final production of your circular products in our own production facilities in Czech Republic.

Collection & Recycling

We will design and ensure the most suitable way for you to collect circular products and get them back to us for recycling.

We Create a Better Future for People and Our Planet

We are committed to manufacturing high-quality textile products that are made ethically and in a sustainable way. We have a strong sense of responsibility to our customers, employees, suppliers and the environment. In order to achieve our commitments, we have built our own production capacity, where we knit and sew our circular products. We want to be completely honest with you, so we decided to share all information transparently.

Circular Solutions For Your Brand



Get inspired by Czech Ultimate Frisbee Association and promote your sustainability strategies with fully circular branded clothing.



Select form range of our free whitelabel patterns, customise with decorations and Pantone colours of your dreams.



Bring your unique styles to live like MGG with their Collection. Share your techpack and digital patterns or have us develop your line from scratch.

Power of circularity in data

Since 2021, our fully circular solution have saved our planet and fashion brands:

kg of CO2e emissions

We don’t use any virgin fossil fuels to produce our materials.

litres of water

Only a minimal amount of water is used for production and recycling.

kg of waste

We are able to recycle 86 – 98% of the weight of the product.

Take a Step Towards Change

Make your products circular, reduce their impact on our planet to a minimum and comply with new European standards. Fill out our contact form and find out more about our circular materials.