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Our products are and always will be a guarantee of zero compromises in the origin of materials and ethical production.

We Create a Better Future for People and Our Planet

Everything we do and how we behave has an impact on our planet. And we’re trying to make the positive one. We seek circular solutions that guarantee the future of humanity, basing our decisions on a balance between environmental, social and economic outcomes. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality textile products that are made ethically and in a sustainable way without harming the planet and its inhabitants.

Ethical & Sustainable Production

We carry out knitting and sewing of our circular textile products in a new, modern production hall in the Czech Republic. Our entire team including management, technologists and seamstresses are working here under the same roof. We ensure safe working conditions for every single member of our team, we pay them fairly and take care of their well-being.

We are also in a very close touch with our partners at all stages of our production chain which allows us to influence their processes and ensure respect for basic human rights and our planet.

In order to minimize social risks in our operations throughout value chain, all of our suppliers are certified and audited by third parties. 

Transparency at a Product Level

Our products have nothing to hide. Any product card you open contains detailed information of environmental footprint and product origin. From yarn producers to recycling facilities. Why? Because you deserve to know it all to make informed purchase decisions.

Take a closer look at a supply chain of our NILPLA®, NILCOTT®, NILPET® and CIRPAD.

Environmental Footprint

To us, transparency is about being able to talk openly about what we do and how we do it. We still have a lot of work ahead, but we’re excited to share our progress so far. Together with Czech universities, we have performed a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of our circular materials and we are happily sharing the results:

Carbon Footprint

Water Footprint

Circular Design & Recycling

Our close collaboration with the most innovative companies, universities and technological R&D centers allow us to research and test the most sustainable and innovative materials and processes. We have created textile materials with a respect to the circular product design, which we also imprint to all of our products. You can always be sure, that any NIL Textile product will be fully recycled once returned to us.


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