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CIRPAD®, from tires that got tired

Car tires are not the typical type of waste that you picture to be recycled into a textile product. They are however a great source of high quality polyamide waste and also represent massive environmental issue as efficient recycling of tires into the new tires is not secured on the market. We recycle this waste and create CIRPAD®. A fabric that is 100% recycled and at the same time 100% recyclable with our revolutionary molecular recycling technology without a loss of quality.

Circular loop of polyamide waste

Once a product made from CIRPAD® gets back to us, we recycle it into a same quality fibre. Until now, polyamide was used for the production of swimwear or carpets. We introduced it’s circular version into the world of casual and sports fashion. Thanks to circularity we succeeded in reducing the impact of this material on global warming by 70% compared to its production from fossil fuels. The water footprint of this material is 86% smaller. 

Carbon footprint
Conventional polyamide

Where does CIRPAD® come from?

Yarns made from tire waste are obtained in France from our partners who hold the GRS certificate (Global Recycled Standard). This certification verifies and monitors the amount of recycled content in products. We manufacture fabrics and clothing here in the Czech Republic. As soon as we have enough returned products or production waste to recycle, we send it for recycling to our recycling partners in the Czech Republic. From there the recycled material goes back to us and we use it to make new CIRPAD® fabrics and clothes. Fully closed loop! 

Our white label products for your brand

CIRPAD is ideal for leisure, sports and upholstery applications. It is one of our strongest and most durable materials. 

CIRPAD® Polo shirt

A polo shirt made from recycled car tire waste makes you and our planet feel good. It is soft, pleasant on the body, breathable and suitable for any situation. Whether you’re going to a work meeting, a date or heading to the golf green.


Classic fit, round neck, short sleeves


XXS – XXL (Size table)


Can be dyed in all existing shades. All of the product are dyed according to Oeko Tex Standard 100. Can be supplied under GRS certification.


from 50 pcs

Country of origin

Czech Republic

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