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How to return the circular products?

Do you no longer want your circular product? Is it worn or did it just go out of fashion? You can return it to us through our network of NIL Circular Points and save our planet from waste. We have developed our recycling process thanks to which we are able to 100% recycle all of returned product to the same quality material and manufacture new one. The waste is a resource for us. Learn more about us.

NIL Circular Points

NIL Circular Points are collection points where you can conveniently take you circular product for recycling. All you have to do is clean or wash the textile product you want to return, take them to the chosen place and hand over this completed form to the store staff. You can currently find NIL Circular Points in 10 cities, and we are constantly expanding this network. See map below.

Where are our NIL Circular Points?

I don't have any NIL Circular Point in your country, what now?

No worries! Contact the seller from which you bought your product and find your possibilities or send the worn out items directly to us!

_Fill in the form.

_Pack the washed or cleaned textiles and attach your contact details to the package with the email you filled out in the form.

_Send to:

address provided by your seller or

closest national NIL Circular Point or

NIL Textile, s.r.o., Nad Porubkou 2343, 70800 Ostrava, Czech Republic



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